Saturday, May 17, 2008

SRC: ANTM - throw another on the pile

blah blah will it be whitney, anya, or fatima? well, tyra, if you're asking me, my guess is anya, but that would only be if you're basing this competition on proven talent, quality of photo shoots, and consistency of work and not to get some message across...but i guess we'll see...

first up, CoverGirl commercial. the girls are relieved that this commercial is in english. the winner gets a billboard in times square. neat. they finally bring saleisha out and ask her how it's been for her. in like, the few weeks since she was crowned? whitney brags to saleisha that she's the only plus that's made it this far. according to bianca, saleisha was borderline plus sized...that doesn't count?

fatima is very confident before her shoot. she's all mushmouth, i can't understand what she's saying. to me it sounds like "lash blash mash flash". watch it again and prove me wrong. jay thinks she's a little robotic. whitney is next -- she looks great and does pretty well. anya is very nervous. she stumbles but has good energy. they do their beauty shots next and business as usual.

panel: whitney's commercial is decent and her photo is beautiful. fats' commercial had poor delivery and her photo is alright. anya had the worst commercial and best commercial (that anya! what a quandary!) she also has a pretty picture.

woah, the two finalists get to do a versace show! movin on up antm! anya is called first. please be whitney please be whitney. whitney has a wall up, fatima sux. YES!!! whitney joins anya in the top 2! go fattie! and i DON'T mean fatima this time. unless i mean "Go Fats - out the DOOR! omgSNAP!" fats threatens me with her face in her exit interview.

Nigel will shoot the final Seventeen cover shoot. the footage from this lasts less than a minute.

fashion show: anya looks gorgeous. saleisha's tootie hair is back! there are some hot near naked dudes. anya works it, whitney is rather bouncy, but still good. overall, they both do well. tyra blahblahs about the prizes and judges.

miss jay thinks whitney hit it and anya didn't reach her potential. they compare photos. eeep! deliberations!!! it really could be either of them the way they're spinning this.

the judges clearly think whitney won the runway, save for paulina. eeee!!! the girls come back. tyra kisses ass. the winner isss.......... Whitney! go plus!!!

you know...anya really should have won. i'm sure tyra only did this because a plus won't ever make it this far again and it would've been too obvi if she fixed the competition last cycle because it would be too close to her 'kiss my fat ass' breakout. there's a weird plus size forced PSA thing going on at the end which means i have to bring this info i read at fourfour wherein a tip was dropped that whitney was approached on a plane at her normal modeling size of 4. because she was slightly too big for regular modeling, they proposed that she gain ten to twenty pounds and guaranteed her a top three spot. this could be true, could be false (probably true, especially with those size four pictures floating around) and i feel really bad that anya really fought for this and definitely should have won, but i guess if you're gonna fix a competition, its a good message to have a plus win, because all the youngies out there that haven't been jaded by life or by working in the tv industry or really think about the mechanics of a reality show just see that a slightly bigger girl won a modeling show. and that's a good message. however, i do have a problem with the bullshit whitney was spouting about never fitting in and always being teased for her curves...especially in light of this new info, those were probably all lies....but also, whitney is a normal sized tall girl. she is only a plus in the modeling industry, so i find it hard to believe that she went to modeling high school, usa where everyone was a size two and they all teased her for being normal. whatevs, i've rambled enough. let's hope tyra isn't hosting next cycle!

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