Saturday, May 03, 2008

SRC: ANTM - sux for my team

Previously: Lauren didn't fit in, so she was kicked out

Fatima starts the episode confident. I hope this means she's going home. (spoiler alert: it doesn't). Fatima calls katarzyna dull. Well, I'm calling fatima ugly. so there! the girls are taken to a field where there are, as whitney says "gladiators are killing each other, it's awesome!" You say gladiators, I say LARPers They are at the gladiator school of rome to learn fighting skills. for those photo shoots that also require ninja skills of them....?...Side note: Dominique is crazy.

after fight school, surprise gladiator photo shoot challenge! they get attacked by some gladiator, who will be posing with them. how manly. they keep saying the words "photo challenge" the winner of the challenge gets 1,000 Euro for a shopping spree and can either share with a friend, or be a greedy american asshole and take all the money. whitney wins and she chooses anya to share.

this week's photo shoot is a modern take on renaissance art, tyra is the photographer, and she's still saying katarzyna's name wrong. katarzyna struggles. dominique does a great job. dominique is gloating that no one else can say that tyra's taken their picture. i'd say at least 40 people can say that. and four of them are in the room with you. fatima apparently does well. i'm worried for katarzyna now. whitney does well until she gets stuck in a pose. anywa was last and does characteristically awesome.

the girls are having a nervous pow wow back at the house. fatima is super confident in confessionals but looks worried when anya says the only one tyra liked was dominique.

anya's picture is awesome. she's gonna win. fatima unfortunately turns out a great picture. dominique trips on her way to the judges and gets her outfit SLAMMED by them. tyra also says she was not excited to shoot dominique. burn! Burns burn. she has a stunning picture this week, though, and all the judges agree. katarzyna's picture isn't terrible, it just isn't as good as the others. whitney has a decent pic, but the judges are let down.

Katarzyna is CoverGirl of the week. Of course she is.

5 ladies, 4 photos. blahblahblah. fatima is called first. Great, now she'll never shut up. dominique is called second and Anya is third. This leaves whitney and katarzyna--whitney is pretty in person and takes strong pictures but can she translate all her pretty to pics? (this doesn't really make sense, but i think they were trying to say that, while she takes good pictures, they feel with how she looks in person, her pictures should be better.) Katarzyna is coasting along at nice and not pushing beyond. Katarzyna goes home. Boo! hiss! why is fatima still there? boo! hiss! katarzyna really takes it like a man though.

also, i dislike fatima so much that i actually put dominique on my fantasy team to replace katarzyna! wowsie.

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