Monday, May 19, 2008

Have I offended you?

So I've been trekking around town with the ol' robot boot for about two and a half weeks now, with about a week and a half left to go, so i've had plenty of time to get used to things like walking, stair climbing, and hill hiking. however, something i have not been able to get used to are the weird looks that people shoot me. some people, it seems, just notice the boot as an afterthought...those looks i don't mind. becca suggested that maybe some people were curious about how i got my injury...i personally felt that gave a little too much credit to other people thinking about the lives of strangers, but i suppose i do come across looks that can be interpreted as such. the looks that really throw me off are the ones i seem to get most often.

i often wear my sunglasses everywhere...i don't usually take them off on the train because i feel like it's too much of a hassle to put them away and take them out again (but also, sometimes i fall asleep and i don't like people knowing i'm asleep) i can see these looks that people give me when they think i'm looking at something else. the look i get most often is when i am walking down the street, and someone who is about to pass me first looks at me as a whole walking, then they look down at my busted leg, then they look straight in my face and glare at me for about 2 seconds. what the fuck? this has happened several times. do they think i'm faking an injury because i'm walking around? because...i mean the purpose of that boot is to help me walk around. if they didn't want me walking, they would've put me on crutches. also, it can't be that i'm that much slower. true, i can't walk quickly, but i walk pretty close to my normal pace because of the way the boot is curved. the only time i'm slow is on steps or hills, but the glares always come from people approaching me, so it can't be that they are mad i'm slowing them down. does anyone have any suggestions as to why i get so many glares?

also, last saturday i attempted (and failed) to see a couple funny friends do a show and as i was walking from the venue and back to the train, i was passed by a group of twenty-somethings and some girl shouted out "you broke your leg!!" in a really taunting way. what the eff man?

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