Monday, May 05, 2008


I'm not too sure if it's been mentioned here, but I've recently had some leg problems. I finally made it out to the doc last week and she believes it's the same thing i thought it was (with the help of webmd of course) - a stress fracture. so she sent me on my way to get xrays and an mri and prescribed me a boot.

the boot makes me feel like half a robot.

while this is mostly true, i also am pushing the robot angle because it makes my boot less nerdy and more badass, therefore pushing me to levels of badassness that have rarely been reached.

i told my oft-mentioned pal Bill about this, and he whipped up the following picture, which, upon viewing, caused me to faint at its awesomeness:

because it was so amazing, i forwarded it to my oft-mentioned brother, Ricky. A little while later, I received this in my inbox:

upon viewing this, i crumbled and disintegrated, forced out of existence by its sheer brilliance.

as a side note, though, can i just say that there really are some jerks in new york. i've been saying that the one advantage of this boot is that at least i'll get a seat on the subway. NOT TRUE. I boarded the train during rush hour and of course all the seats were taken and i sadly held on to a pole. I don't know what was worse -- the guy i saw out of the corner of my eye start to get up for me, but then change his mind and remain seated, or the lady that booked it to a newly available seat even though i was already lumbering over to it. needless to say, she beat me, and i remained with the pole.


Ricky said...

just being objective, but this is the most interesting, best post ever.

Becca said...

best use of MS PAINT EVER!

i have seen the roboleg in action, and it's powers both shock and alarm me.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to thank Ricky for completely awesomizing my original idea.