Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ceiling Hole: The Final Frontier

As of 2:30 pm today, May 27, 2008, the saga of my ceiling hole has reached its end. My super came in and painted her over and about an hour later, you couldn't even tell it was ever there.

of course, with my luck, we know this isn't the end of my woes. I'd been noticing a decline in the cooling power of my refrigerator recently...sodas weren't as cold anymore, my milk was spoiling a day or two earlier than the sell by date, produce would die rather quickly. It wasn't until I bought a full load of groceries last Wednesday and had to throw half of them out last Saturday that I completely realized that my refrigerator is effed. My super looked at it today while he was here and put a serviceman on the case (who still has yet to call), but here's what i have to deal with now:

I'm a single gal on my own, so when i cook, it lasts for two meals. so, i could cook dinner and then throw out the leftovers-- a complete meal -- but i just can't bring myself to do that. (i'm having the same problem with ordering out..unfortunately, i had to throw out a lot of delicious cashew chicken last night.) further preventing me from cooking is the fact that, while my freezer still works and is properly keeping my meat safe, I don't have anything to go with my meat. If i made pasta and opened a can of sauce, i'd have to throw half of it out. at this point i can really only cook a bowl of meat and eat it by itself. or with peanut butter. can i just say, thank god for peanut butter? i've been surviving on peanut butter and ice cubes for the last few days. i'm currently employing my last banana as a makeshift "lunch" of pb and banana. needless to say, i'm very hungry right now.

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