Monday, April 28, 2008

Questions: GG Edition

Actually it's just one question...on tonight's episode of gossip girl, former bad girl serena told current bad boy chuck that because of her old ways, she now has to 'break 2000' on her SATs. now, forgive me if i'm old, but, isn't 1600 the highest score? i know they recently (as in, between when i graduated from high school and maybe not so recently) added in an essay section and took out analogies...but is the total score higher now too? Are there kids walking around now that can say "oh i scored 1500 on my sat's" to those of us used to the 1600 scoring system and we can think they are really geniuses, but in actuality they aren't as smart as we thinks they are?

ANSWER: Dudes, i saved you all some trouble and looked it up meself -- the answer is YES, the scoring was changed. In 2005, when they added the writing section, they expanded the highest possible score to 2400, with each section being worth 800. This is kinda crazy actually. who knew that something we took for granted, like 1600 being the highest sat score, could actually be completely different for three years without us realizing it? and by us i mean me. thanks wikipedia!

also, if you're curious about those snotty aforementioned make-believe kids that were bragging about their 1500 sat score, when you factor in the inflation, it's actually more like a 1000. rest easy, the world isn't being taken over by geniuses.

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Ricky said...

this post really blew my mind. 2400 is the max score? mine feels so puny and inadequate. goddam whippersnappers.