Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Top 15 Reasons the Robyn Concert Ruled

15. there were many a different language being spoken by audience members, meaning the audience may have been slightly eurotrashy, but at least robyn draws from all continents.

14. robyn is not afraid to wear a long sleeve black stretchy shirt with a cape

13. sara was rockin' her RoboBoot

12. the crowd was dancing so much, the floor was shaking. we all thought we might fall seven stories to our deaths.

11. the crowd was decidedly NOT a bunch of 17 year old teeny boppers that Becca feared it woud be.

10. she kept adorably telling us we were being so kind to her, when all we were doing was celebrating her genius.
9. thanks to becca's eagle eye, we noticed that she surprisingly sports a wedding ring. it's surprising because not only is she kind of sexually ambiguous, but neither of us really think that anyone is good enough for robyn. no one can handle her!

8. none of the three in our party really knew what to expect when it came to the crowd. becca was expecting teenyboppers, sara was expecting some eurotrash, some gay men, and some hipsters, and dawes was expecting no one. not that she didn't know who to expect, but that she didn't think anyone would show up. the crowd was actually a nice mix of gay hipsters, some foreigners, and a lot of regular girls like our party. there was also a friendly bartender that made strong drinks, a friendly dude that struck up a convo with us outside the bathroom, a friendly girl that caught up to us in the bathroom, but mentioned that she was standing behind us and a dude outside the venue handing out flyers for Duffy. He was very nice, but also was sporting a bloody finger and we're pretty sure he told us that he used to sell drugs in washington square park. regardless, it was a friendly bunch and we talked to a lot of people.

7. Robyn has the cutest swedish accent that is only really noticeable when she's talking.

6. she seriously commits to dance breakdowns

5. she totally kicked it old skool by performing Show Me Love

4. she's so badass she needed TWO drummers

3. the drinks were $8 but had about $15 worth of alcohol in them

2. we love her

1. she ACTUALLY played the drums for the solo in Who's That Girl

please note that the photos of Robyn were purloined from adrienne. this picture of adrienne was also purloined from adrienne.

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