Thursday, May 01, 2008

attack of the doppelgangers!!

A couple days ago, my college roommate left me a comment on myspace telling me she'd recently seen someone on her grad school campus that looked so much like me (physically, as well as style and my suave way about me) that she got excited because she thought i came to surprise her.

today at my doctor's appointment, the first thing the doc said to me was that I needed to find yesterday's new york post because there was a story on some girl getting her own disney show...the next miley cyrus...and apparently i look just like the girl. this 15 year old girl. i did a google search, and this is the mousketeer that my doctor was talking about:

i...don't really see it. maybe it's the hair?

also, should i be creeped out that my clones have finally been harvested?


Ricky said...

's like i always say:
if you don't snap your clones neck when you first learn about them, everything that happens after is your own damn fault.

Becca said...

i was going to comment, but nothing will ever top what ricky said.