Thursday, October 30, 2008

Military Island

As I was leaving my sometime office building in times square today, i heard some chanting going on. my friends and i looked over to military island and saw a sad little group of people holding McCain/Palin signs and shouting "Vote McCain, not Hussein!!" I didn't even have time to form my thoughts about how this angered me before we noticed the mob on our side of the street. our mob was not organized nor planned, as theirs was. our mob was just a huge group (probably bigger than theirs) of pissed off people that had collected probably whilst on their ways to the train from work. many were heckling the mccain lovers. it was awesome, mostly because i didn't think they expected any sort of retaliation. the best part is that some of new york's finest had to come out and line the streets on the side of our mob so no one would break free and bum rush the republicans. not that anyone would carve backwards m's in their faces anyway.

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