Friday, October 31, 2008

FRC: ANTM - lady of the ship

Previously: Joslyn went home, everyone else went to Amsterdam. If I went there I would say "Leuk dat je kijkt naar Nickelodeon" Which means "Good that you're watching Nickelodeon" or something....

The girls arrive in Amsterdam and are greeted by Daphne Deckers, host of Holland's Next Top Model, and she greets the girls in Dutch...I think she says "Good that you're watching Nickelodeon." Oh, actually she says "Welcome to Amsterdam." AmsterDAMN, i cannot WAIT until the girls have to do the mother tongue commercials. i imagine marjorie will appear as though she's having a stroke.

the girls have to choose partners before being released unto amsterdam to find their new home. winning pair gets 50 extra frames. McKey and Sheena would've been the fastest to pair up if Marjorie and Analeigh weren't already making out. this means sam is stuck with elina. this is why you never hang in threes.

LIFE HISTORY SNEAK PEEK: over footage of elina walking barefoot on a moving walkway, she says it was probably the most fun she's ever had. did she already hit the weed bar? maybe it's because immigrants don't know how to express fun.

sam & elina win the challenge, barely beating analeigh and marjorie. somehow mckey and sheena lost their lead. hilarious, since analeigh was called first last week, her commercial will play on repeat for the whole week.

the girls meet miss jay in the red light district. the girls are paired off and meet with designers to model in windows of brothels. OMG that gown jacket is awesome. the winners get brought back to amsterdam to walk in some shows (or something...i wasn't paying attention.) mckey and sam win. that's two wins for sam today.

the girls go to a boat for their shoot. the 'lady of the ship' as tyra puts it. how amsterdamian.

elina and sheena don't do great. analeigh impresses everyone, mckey outs herself as a freak by wearing her D&D outfit to panel. tyra outs herself as not knowing what the hell goes on on her own show by asking mckey if that was the outfit she won for winning the window challenge.

sam comes up and they make fun of her outfit by saying she looks like a mom. tyra immediately jumps up and goes over to sam to try and make some adjustments to better her outfit. she pulls shit around, skirts go higher, sleeves go shorter. it looks crazy. miss jay takes his pants off and throws them at sam. paulina assesses tyra's handiwork and says "now she looks like a mom that was hit by a truck." sam gets decent reviews, so it looks like the bottom might be sheena and elina. which brings me to katarzyna. she's doing well!!

mckey is called first, then analeigh, marjorie, and samantha. as expected, sheena and elina are clawing it out. i bet sheena wishes she listened when elina said she had a dream of the two of them crying. elina is lacking person and abundant in control. sheena is all personality and freedom lalala but inconsistent. aaaannnd...elina is safe again. bye sheena!

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