Tuesday, October 07, 2008

be afraid....be very afraid

Have you ever had one of those people in your life that you just seem to run into everywhere?
For me, there’s this strange man. I swear I see him everywhere. Everywhere I look, every page I open – there’s his face. I would swear that he’s following me, but I’m pretty sure there’s way he can follow me.
Perhaps the tables have turned and though I think he’s following me, I have unwittingly become his stalker. I mean look how surprised I make him look…

and I realize now that I have several pictures of him on my computer....

look capital one man, look at the monster you have turned me into! I just got a capital one card with a picture of a mongoose (what is that animal?) on it so i can be just like you. i started wearing turtlnecks underneath button down shirts, cropped my hair short, aged about 20 years and became a man so that i could just like you too. is that weird?

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