Wednesday, October 29, 2008

hold it down, feel the noise

so yesterday, i'm sitting around minding my own business, when that soul II soul song "back 2 life" gets stuck in my head. i decide i must get that song in my personal library and contacted the one person i knew would have it. then today, i'm sitting around, minding my own business all to "back 2 life, back 2 reality" and "howevah do you want me, howevah do you need me" a couple times back 2 back. finally i let my itunes continue playing, and it isn't until about five songs later that i realize it's not shuffling (as its normally set to do) but playing in order (as i change it to do when i need to Girl Talk my way through some home exercises). i realize this when spice girls songs start playing back to back.

i'm sure most of you know that there was a serious spice girl period of time in my life. i'm not ashamed of it, but i acknowledge that most of you are making fun of me right now because of it. i truly loved them and i still kind of do. so i'm sitting here thinking about how crazy i was about the spice girls way back when, and if you went to my room in hawaii you'd find not only spice girl books, lollipops, and posters, but also all the cds they put out (aside from the recent greatest hits collection) plus cds of all the singles they put out and even a spice girls video game. then i remembered they did a pepsi commercial one summer, and how i spent all summer watching music videos on mtv (did i just age myself?) just waiting to see that pepsi commercial. so i searched for it on youtube:

my life would be so different if i had youtube when i was growing up.