Thursday, October 09, 2008

a series of unfortunate events

as i've mentioned here before, i go through patches of unfortunate luck. i have a feeling that i'm wading through one of those patches right now, what with my kitchen sink recently calling it quits, that time i committed to a shower before realizing that the water was not warming up at all, and the call i got from my building's management company yesterday saying they never received my rent check (even though, according to my bank, they received and deposited it). i'm hoping that this patch ended with the events of last night, the details of which still cause me to make this face: >:O

i had plans last night to meet up with Moms in order to see a mutual friend in a play. we had planned to meet a little over an hour before the show and grab some food and beverages. we met at the theater and decided it was best to buy our tickets first, to ensure we would get seats. we were greeted by our first sassy gay boy of the night, who told us that the show was sold out. he then offered to put us on the waiting list, but made a point to say that if we were to get in on the waiting list, we would not get the wednesday night discount rate of $10, but would instead have to pay the full $18 price. THAT IS FUCKING RIDICULOUS, RIGHT?! so moms raised a stink about it, he coyly fed us the line "we'll see what kind of mood i'm in when you get back" and told us to return at 8:25.

so then we head off in search of McCann's Pub, a place nearby that our mutual play-starring friend suggested would be great to satisfy our hamburger and beer cravings. we head off in search of this so-called pub. in the meantime, moms is so hungry i fear she might soon break into some sort of violent reaction. we are having trouble finding the place, so we stop into a place that looks decent called Pop Burger. after perusing their menu and noticing that they have both burgers and beer, we decide to eat there. we are greeted by two more sassy bitchy gays who seem as uninterested in taking our order as if we were asking a couple of random customers. one of the cashiers seems awfully confused by the register, and they both kind of ignore Moms ordering. We decide 'fuck this noise' and ask if they know where McCann's Pub is. Immediately, they both are like 'we don't know this area' 'i don't know anything about it' but they tell us that there is a Pop Burger Lounge up the stairs. Moms asks if the prices are the same (two 3oz burgers for $7, a beer for $4) and they tell us that indeed they are. We head up the stairs and get a seat in the fancy lounge. i immediately notice on the menu that they are charging $8 for a beer and $15 for the two 3oz burgers. apparently, going up a level makes everything cost twice as much. we apologize to the waitress, tell her we were lied to downstairs, and continue on in search of mccann's pub.

as we are walking with no luck, we pass a building with a couple of doormen hanging around outside. Moms asks them if they know of McCann's Pub. They say that yes, they do know of the place, and that it in fact closed about 3 years ago. !!! ready for the kicker? he then continues with "do you guys know where Pop Burger is? That's where it used to be." !!!! OF COURSE the place we were endlessly searching for was overtaken by fucking POP BURGER.

ugh, so we end up at this wonderful little place called Burger Heaven, quickly enjoying delicious cheezburgers and cheap beers. it gets to be about 8:23, so we head outta there. we get back to the theater at 8:27. the original sassy gay notices us, waits a few minutes, gets on his walkie talkie, and then basically tells us we're shit outta luck. i'll tell you what kind of mood he was in when we got back, bitch mood. even though we were only two minutes after when he told us to be there, he had it out for us and seeing that play last night was not meant to be. then with the fakest smile around he says "try again!". oooh i could've killed some people last night and burned some places down.

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