Friday, October 03, 2008

FRC: ANTM: Sacramone fails again

Previously: Hannah and the trannah got the boot. (i'm sorry, i'm a sucker for rhymes). some amount of bitches remain.

marjorie is such a homeschool. she twitches out the first tyra mail of the episode...and might i say, they really aren't trying with the tyra mails these days. if a dumb group of dumb idiots can guess what they are about, then you've just given up. paulina greets the girls at some warehouse in an illfitting ensemble. the girls get pink hard hats and toolbelts and are given ill fitting ensembles of their own. they must make it work with random tools in their belts, none of which are tyra. (what's the point of the hardhats?) marjorie gets some criticism and starts wigging out.

mckey is starting to look like andy samberg. just an observation. the winner of the challenge gets 50 extra frames. according to paulina, sam did the worst (ouch, is that two weeks in a row she blew the challenge?) and mckey came out the best. marjorie freaks out somewhere.

uh, i fast forwarded through this and didn't feel like rewinding, but can anyone verify for me that whitney's my life as a covergirl this week was about eating cupcakes?? did they make the fattie do a spot about cupcakes?

jay comes in as a lord of the rings character and hilariously has to do his monologue in this orc getup. needless to say, there is absolutely no reason for this, as none of the girls will be dressed like they hail from mordor. instead, the girls will be representing natural disasters whilst dressed in 60's attire. i don't know.

elina is an earthquake, sheena a sandstorm, clark a blackout, l.b. is a snowstorm...and might i say she is very pretty with makeup (i don't like looking at her without it though). joslyn is a rockslide, analeigh is the santa analeigh winds, mckey is a heat wave, sam is a tidal wave and marjorie is a ...traffic jam? and again, might i say that marjorie can really completely change her look with just a wig.

clark is letting this first-called last week thing get to her head. i wonder if that means she's doomed. spoiler alert, it does.

panel - some do well, some do not. tyra is all "when we get back from commercial, we'll see who is a disaster and needs to go ho-ome!" and then we flash to 3 different girls with no expressions on their faces..and then we flash to marjorie, who looks like she just unloaded into her pants.

9 ladies, blah blah. first name called is samantha. next is analeigh, then mckey, elina, marjorie, l.b., and sheena. we are down to clark and joslyn. joslyn started at the top and has fallen. clark is only good not great. since joslyn has a better personality, clark gets dumped. later hater!

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