Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pranking Question

if someone plays a prank in the woods, and no one is around to laugh at it, does that just make the prankster an asshole?

by telling this story, i'm invalidating my point. before, when i was just a victim with no audience, the prankster was an asshole. now i'm telling my tale, and others will laugh, and the prankster will have won.

you know everyone's favorite prank where you loosely screw the cap of a salt shaker on so that when someone goes to salt their food, you essentially ruin a perfectly good meal for them? well that happened to me, but at a pizza place. and with the red pepper flake shaker. and because i never try to cause a rumble, when the pizza man offered me a new slice i just told him i would 'wipe it off'. i don't know if i realized that this would be similar to an arts and crafts project - the cheese being glue and the pepper flakes glitter. needless to say, i could not just 'wipe it off'. i got most of it, but not without burning my fingertips and mouth. i was then sweaty for the next hour at work. thanks jerk mystery prankster. i hope you're happy now that others can laugh at me. I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY!!!

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