Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Hundred Dollar Baby

when we got our new boxing instructor, what remained of the class (about a handful of people) took a little while to warm up to him. he was not as awesome in the personality department as our last instructor (but really, no one could've been) but he did give a good workout. he also took it upon himself to learn and remember my name, which i think is a nice personal touch. but because i'm only one of maybe two or three people whose name he's asked and remembered, i think it might be because he has big dreams for me.

after the first couple of classes, new instructor juan couldn't stop praising the class as a whole for always really giving it our all with the different exercises. he told us stories of other classes he has, where everyone refuses to do even one pushup, and how he really likes coming to our class, because we all really commit to it. then he offered to give me a ride home, since he lives in my direction. (don't worry, this story isn't going to get creepy). the first time i caught a lift with him was when he first started working on trying to get me to actually fight people. he said that me and one other girl in the class really could be great fighters if we would go to his boxing gym and let him train us. i told him that it's something i've thought about, but really i don't want to get hit in the face.

a couple weeks later during class, he called me and the other girl 'incredible'...he eyed me at some point during the class, asked my weight, and then i saw the gears turn in his head trying to figure out what weight class i could fight in if i dropped some pounds. he gave me a ride home again that day and was like 'listen, i'm not gonna fill your head like last time and say you could be mike tyson, but you could really be a great fighter.' i was all, ok seriously, there are two things holding me back: the face thing, and the fact that my mother would have a heart attack. he again told me to think about it.

when i did tell my mom about it she literally went "whaaaaAAAAAAAT?! hahahaha...NO." so right now, i have no professional fighting plans, but i still have it in my head as an option. especially considering that my mother's next question was my first question: would i be fighting for money?

this week, i head into class, a little more confident than usual. i resist ever being confident or cocky about anything (abilities, knowing an answer to a question, etc) because for me it's always that moment when i turn out dead wrong. so i'm in class this week doing my thang and juan keeps walking by me saying stuff like 'come on sara, what happened to your flys" (or something like that, i could barely hear him because the music was so loud...and i don't know what that means). at the end of class, he says to me 'what happened today sara? too much drinking last night?' which is hilarious, considering 1) that he didn't bring this up when i actually was hungover on my birthday and about to pass out and 2) i most definitely was not drinking on saturday night.

do you think i disappointed him? or do you think he's secretly sneaking coaching tips in to continue to convince to me start fighting fo real?


Becca said...

whoa man. coming from someone who was told that she punched like corky from life goes on (very recently) - i'm very impressed that you can punch and even be considered a possible fighter.

i don't want to see you get hurt though....is there anyway you can be a boxer who just punches stuff and not other people?

Anonymous said...

OK here are my concerns:

1) Your face.
2) Your hands. (you can't play guitar with mangled stubs. or rock band guitar either).
3) Your ribs. Hard to heal.

Here's how excited I am:
1) Front row seats as the first wifey. Can I wear a big hat with flowers?!
2) Totally entitles you to get an amazing tattoo. Or several. Calf tattoos a must.
3) You are so talented I'm in love. Let's make love and listen death from above!

Damn Gina. You must be gooooood. If you don't go through with it maybe martial arts? Kung fu?! How Hilary Swank can you be? I challenge you.

ricky said...

it can be just like in tekken!! you can even have a pet panda bear!!

Sara said...

i'm loving all these ideas -- the punching only stuff and not people (i do think i'd have a hard time with that, unless the person was insulting the gays or killing kittens), the hat with the flower, the pet panda bear...let's make this happen