Thursday, October 23, 2008

Secret Redface

oh dear. you know when you're close to something, so that's all you wait for, but then one day you forget about it, and all of a sudden you've missed what you were waiting for? no? is that just me? well, i knew becca and i were close to post 600, and then i forgot to pay attention, and i missed it. SO, first things first - HAPPY 600TH POST Becca!!!

(this is what i imagine becca would say): HAPPY 600TH POST Sara!!!

ok, so now we're on 601 with secret redface. i went to a nearby pizza place on my break the other day (you may remember it) and right after i ordered my slice, a younger lady came up to me and was like 'i'm only asking you this because you're a girl'...i kind of panicked here, worrying i wouldn't be a good enough girl in case she had any really girly questions to ask. i did hold a small amount of pride in the fact that i would have a tampon if she asked. she went into a tale of how her son was playing in the sink water in the bathroom and got her all wet and how bad is the stain on her ass. i lied to her and told her it wasn't too bad. truth was, it looked like she pissed herself. however, it was mostly on the inside of the leg, so i did tell her it was barely noticeable if she kept her legs together. that was mostly true.

so then i turn to order a tasty beverage and i think the pizza man says "why are you in a rush?" I respond "Oh, i only have half an hour". He repeats himself "why is your face red?". i told him the truth, which was that it was cold outside and really warm inside (i was wearing a coat) and the temperature change was making me overheat. do you guys think he thought i was redfaced because i had to check out that lady's ass?

let's get to the point here. i was aware that my face was red but for some reason, i've always thought that my sweet mexican caramel skin masks my frequent blushing (be it for temperature related reasons, or other), but it apparently does not, and omg, how many things have i totally blushed at that i thought were unnoticeable but apparently everyone in the world can see when i get a red face? how many things out there should i feel awkward about? my cover is blown!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 600th post, but more importantly, congrats on finally getting PEE STAIN on your site as a tag. YOU DID IT!

Sara said...

thanks, billy. it really is a proud moment for us here. happy 600th indeed.

brenna said...

Yoda say: "how freakin' weird you are! Yessss" I thought us Gerlachs were "obsessors" but for christsake!

I'm becoming paranoid.