Friday, October 17, 2008

the perils of living alone pt. 2

i think i may have broken my toe, y'all. like, actually for real. i still have my old computer boxed up and laying around because i need to get a power cord for it before i can sell it. bad luck patch has been continuing and i stubbed a couple toes on my left foot. it hurt worse than i remember stubs hurting and i'm pretty positive i heard a loud crack. i peter griffined it for a while, unable to move anything because of all the pain. when i could move again, i crawled to my living room to finish my delishus cheezburger. and i'm really bummed that i couldn't fully enjoy that cheezburger because i made it slightly different this time and it was so tasty. after i finished, i do what i always do in this situation -- instant message my brother. then i got really dizzy and had to lay down in case of faintage. when i got my bearings, i quickly made it back to the couch in the living room before the dizziness returned.

you know how when you stub your toe, it's like, a dull pain for a little while and then it's done. well, it was like that for one of the toes, the other has a sharp pain and is rather uncomfortable. but it's like my fourth toe, so it's kind of useless to do anything about it, right? there isn't really anything i can do anyway, riiight?

morning update: i definitely think my toe is broken/fractured. i was hoping the pain would lessen overnight, but it hasn't, and now there's some bruising. and honestly, walking shouldn't be this much of a problem. why do i keep doing these things to myself?


Becca said...

that sounds painful it a big toe or one of your little toes that's hurt?

i don't think you need to worry a whole hell of a lot if it's a little toe, but i think you need to go to the doc if it's a big toe b/c you put a lot weight on your big toe.

Sara said...

it's my fourth toe, the one next door to the there isn't much i can do about it. walking is a bit of a problem right now, though.