Thursday, October 16, 2008


a couple months ago, when things were pretty dire for me job-wise, i started perusing craigslist to look for additional income. before ever even responding to the cookie ad, there were a few job postings i hesitantly went after. i say hesitantly because at this point i wasn't fully committed to finding an additional job, and therefore i didn't really expect much from the one or two other posts i responded to. when i was looking, i perused the food service area (for bartending and hosting jobs), the media area (because that's what i know), and the writing area (because i think that's something i could get into). one ad was searching for a witty blogger that knew how to do internet research and was familiar with celebrity and entertainment goings-on. well, if that's not me, i don't know what is. so i responded to the ad, leaving a link to this blog for some writing samples. i didn't hear back from them, but didn't really give it a second thought. then, the cookies found me and i stopped looking.

a couple weeks ago (aka about a month and a half after responding to the original ad) i get an email in my email box regarding this ad i responded to. they were asking if i was still interested, and if i were, could i please let them know when i would be available for a phone interview. for a second i considered taking on what would essentially be a third job doing witty celebrity blogging, which i feel i could kind of do in my sleep and might be worth the extra effort. that is, until, i got to the part of their email where they dropped the name of their site. it's taken me a while to write this post because i didn't really want to immediately be like 'omg guys go here!!!' so soon after i'd responded to them (i link to this blog in my email signature), but i feel like they probably don't care, i don't care, and enough time has passed. allow me first to let you guys see the site that wanted me to write for them: flisted. i'll wait til you return...oh and, PS, that site is generally NSFW.

ok, like seriously? seriously? listen, i can sit around and talk about how hot a girl is if you want me to, but all those posts are like 'look this girl has huge tits and i want to bang her'. seriously, i would just have to write that about 10 times a day!! "monday - here's a picture of some 'hot' chick with fake tits. i bet i could totally bang her." "tuesday - this chick is so hot, i'd bang her clear to next week" "wednesday - this chick may not be that hot, but damn she's got some huge tits. i'd bang the hell out of her"

so i guess my question is - should i have taken the interview, seeing how easy the job would've been? or is it good that i politely declined? on the one hand, it would've been a totally easy, mindless job. on the other, i could never tell my mom about it and seriously, i couldn't do that every day.

also, can you read five posts there and tell me if wittiness was required for any of them?

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Anonymous said...

After perusing the site I don't get why you wouldn't want to write for it. You want examples of wittines. Well here you go.

Did you not happen to see their genre busting daily posts such as Fug of the Day or the similar, yet different, Whore of the Day?

Perhaps you over looked their polling post, Which Ass Would You Tap.

And when it comes down to it, who wouldn't want to read their link dump section, Snatch Links.

You've made a mistake passing this up. I only hope you learn to live with it.