Monday, October 13, 2008

FRC: ANTM - gouda-bye

Previously: Marjorie was a french weenie. a oui-nie. (i'm sorry, that's two puns already...i'll stop.) clark got overconfident, which we all know is the kiss of death. na na na na na na...

we get some more background on elina's craziness. some of the girls talk about how annaleigh isn't competition. l.b. is one of them. then they say it to her face. fuel the fire girls.

stupid tyra delivers tyra mail herself. double the dose of rhyming couplets this week. she talks at the the girls about how great she is. tyra will coach the girls through 20 frames, then they will review the pics together, and redo them. the purpose is to find a signature pose. l.b. samantha, and annaleigh seem to struggle.

ok, they really need to stop playing french music when marjorie is onscreen. she's been here like half her life. i wonder if she will find it as offensive as i would if every time i came onscreen they played the mexican hat dance. or if my work made me dress up in a sombrero and mustache. the girls are informed after the fact that this has been a challenge. marjorie wins and gets some diamonds. she shares her prize with annaleigh.

photo shoot: night at the fiercees. ps, i know i'm alone here but i really can't stand sheena. in today's photo shoot, the girls will act out some embarrassing moments that could (or have) happened during award shows.

marjorie has to pee but can't get out of her dress, samantha can't read cue cards, elina is the overemotional sobber. oh there's whitney, probably eating cupcakes. l.b. is tripping on the red carpet, mckey is the overconfident also ran, sheena has someone step on her dress, joslyn has the same dress as another, and annaleigh is the interviewer with attitude.

tyra. is wearing. a hood. i can't. i just can't.

mckey, annaleigh, joslyn and marjorie do well. sheena, samantha, l.b., and elina do meh.

dani! yeah! she's working!!

marjorie is called first, followed by annaleigh (take that haters!), mckey, samantha, elina, and joslyn. that leaves sheena and l.b. i'm guessing sheena. l.b is high fashion but zero personality, sheena is all personality. this is the pair of the cycle that has what the other needs. woah. sheena is safe. that's kind of bullshit. see, i am the only one that hates her. wow. l.b. fell quickly. i mean, i never really liked her. she gets all weird and defensive about how many friends she has at home and how THEY like her personality.

next week - acting.

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