Sunday, April 08, 2007


Previously: Diana was chubby and boring, so she got sent back to Jers.

Twiggy meets with the girls to help them create a new name for themselves. We find out Twiggy's real name is Leslie Hornby. How quaint. Dionne chooses byfar the best name: "Wholihay".

For this week's challenge, the girls go to a SmartWater party to try out their new nicknames. There are "celebs" like Tia and Tamara Mowry and celebs like 50 Cent, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. (Although it's debatable whether these girls are celebs or "celebs".) Jael annoys the shit out of 50 cent to the point where he pushes her into the pool. For some unknown reason, Natasha jumps in after her. Each girl has to try and impress Tyra's BFF, Benny Medina and his cohorts. Wholihay wins this challenge. Also worth mentioning is this: Nicole Richie asks Renee who she hates in the house and Renee says Jael. Cut to: Nicole Richie going up to Jael and saying "That girl told me she hated you." Later in the house, when Jael and Renee are discussing this incident, Jael says to Renee "You're so beautiful, it's such a waste." Awesome. She then tells Renee that none of the girls in the house like her and when Renee asks them if this is true, she's met with awkward silence.

This week's photo shoot is some sort of beauty thing where they have to show four different sides of themselves. It was pretty effing boring.

DIONNE - does well
JASLENE - looks dragalicious in all her pics. This was her first misstep.
NATASHA - i'm glad they didn't cut her early
JAEL - saved herself with these pictures. otherwise, i think the bad behavior at the party would've gotten her booted.
SARAH - sucks. and gets the same goddamn criticism every week yet there's never any improvement.
BRITTANY - I'm counting down the days. why doesn't she ever get scolded about not taking care of her hair. she just gets coddled. that hair is nappy. did you see how it stuck straight out of her head at panel like it was made of cotton candy?
RENEE - looks orange. but a pretty orange.

After the photo shoot, my guess for the bottom two is Whitney and Sarah.

Tyra has a therapy session with the girls. It comes out that Renee is a hateful bitch. Tyra is all "you know the best thing to do when you're feeling attacked? Have everyone sit around you and tell you why they hate you." i can probably think of a couple of better ways to approach this situation. I think Renee is this cycle's eva and they want to make us learn to love her.

Panel: Down to Whitney and Sarah. I thought Whittel would go, but then realized they probably didn't want to do one plus size right after the other - especially with everyone calling Tyra fat these days. So - Sarah this week (HOO-FUCKING-RAY!!!!!) and whitney next week. and hopefully brittany the week after.


Becca said...

how the hell did they get 50 cent on antm?!

a*dizzlin' said...

Oh but you didn't cry for Brittany's red scalp from the nasty red puff weave? I did. Maybe it's a half-black thang.

In a perfect world Renee would go home and Jael would win just on coolness points alone. Jaslene did some baaaad pictures dude. I didn't think it possible.

NOTICE: This is ENTRY #2 where Dawes is up to date with reality TV enough that she can actually respond.

Sara said...

hooray for Dawes!!