Thursday, April 19, 2007

SRC: Top 6!

Everyone prayed to the heavens and we were granted our one wish!!!

A bunch of stuff happens, then Ryan presents our first performer for the evening -- Fergie. I literally said out loud "What the hay-ell??" Dionne-style. Then there's a KidzBop commercial for Ford. And THEN comes the good stuff. First off, the bottom 3. Ryan splits the seven in two groups consisting of Phil, Jordin, Chris, and LaKisha, Sanjaya and Blake. Melinda is (OF COURSE) safe. Looking at these two groups it is almost impossible to guess which group was the bottom. Going by the past, it seems like the bottom group should've been the one with chris and phil in it. but jordin being in there threw things off. anyway, we find out that it's not that group at all and i was way off in my prediction. well 2/3 off. Martina performs and everyone dies inside of too much beauty. then ryan is quick to save his boyfriend, Blake and send him back to the peanut gallery. at this time, everyone is biting their nails because if Sanjaya knocks out LaKisha then the world will end. but alas, sanjaya is told it's finally his time and he immediately starts crying like a little bitch. he hangs on to laKisha like she's his momma and cries into her bosom and refuses to let go so ryan has to introduce his clip package without sanjaya. and here's where my problem with this whole prank was. to everyone in the country, this was a huge joke. sanjaya being kept on each week. we all knew this, he did not. he thought that he was getting by on talent, which is why he seemed genuinely shocked when he got those comments tuesday and why he was so crushed when he got the boot last night. so now he's ruined for life, but i still didn't tear up during his goodbye montage. everything makes sense again and now we actually have a real competition. i'm hoping phil is out next week.

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