Sunday, April 22, 2007


1) Some former top model contestant from the one season I never watched shows up to teach the girls how to interview. Between Dionne, Natasha, and Jaslene's accented speaking, Renee and Brittany speaking only bitch and excusese, respectively, and Jael not knowing how to open her mouth, maybe they should start with some speaking classes instead.
2)Tyra comes dressed as a kangaroo, with a real kangaroo, to announce that they are going to Australia!!! Jaslene's awesome reaction is "I've never been anywhere besides the hood and around the corner." Nata's reaction is about 7 minutes late. she on russian time.
3) i want that kangaroo to box brittany
4) Natasha quote of the day: "I was so excited to come to Australia, you know, somebody has a dream to go to Japan, somebody is crazy about the Ti-bet."
5) Challenge - The girls have to incorporate Aussie slang in their interviews. Brittany complains about something that I'll get back to in a minute. Renee and Natasha really impress me. Dionne underwhelms and says "aks" and "that's cool that's cool" a lot. Jaslene is pretty endearing when she uses the slang. I want to start saying "don't be a cactus" to people.
6) Foreign Cover Girl commercial time. The girls have to do this one with an Australian accent and I'm super excited. Every time the top 6 have to do this in a new country's language/dialect, hilarity ensues. I hate when they do commercials because there's no photo shoot, but ah well.
7 & 8) Ok, time for the aforementioned Brittany complaint/incident because she brings it up AGAIN during the shoot. Apparently, about five years ago, she was hit by a car and it affected her short term memory and her ability to do her own hair. Oh...just the first one. i was in a car accident about four years ago and i got bonked in the head, have no memory of the accident, had a 6 second short term memory for the day, a handful of minutes the next day, and it improved from there. I got out of memorizing a script in the weeks after because it was difficult to do, which was cool..but these days it's a really minor thing. i'm not saying we experienced the exact same thing, but i know that Brit isn't the guy from Memento because we've seen her fuctioning normally the whole season. She never brought this up before, she's just using it as another excuse because she's a whiner who's afraid of just not being good enough. ps four months after my accident i had to do a lengthy monologue in an australian accent and it was no problem.
RENEE - is kind of awesome here. mostly because of the accent
DIONNE - underwhelms again :(
JAEL - these accents have me rolling on the ground. Jael's such a weirdo. I'll miss her. spoiler alert.
JASLENE - Jaslene's accent isn't terrible, but she makes her voice go really high and it's high-larious.
BRITTANY - starts the shoot not with a try but with an excuse. i hate her. they bring out cue cards and she still pulls the memory card by saying she can't memorize from the card to saying it into the camera, but you don't have to memorize from a cue card. YOU FUCKING READ IT LIKE YOU HAVE SHIFTY EYES! that's the whole POINT! ARGH!
NATASHA - impressive. a pretty decent australian accent considering she already speaks english with a russian accent. This is a valid excuse brittany
10) Bottom 2 : Jael and Brittany (damn i'm good. sometimes.) I knew Jael's time was up this week, but I was definitely hoping for a surprise brit boot. there's always next week.

I think renee and natasha are a lock for the finals and the third spot will come down to dionne or jaslene.


Becca said...

i love that you hate brittany so much! i really liked jael in some weird irational way, so i was sad to see her go. i'm kind of rooting for jaslene now...but i agree with your predicions!

ricky said...

i loved jael, too, partly i think because of her jade-like weirdness. p.s., how hilarious was her weird smile during her commercial shoot?

p.p.s. good call on the predictions, sara....i still don't think brit's leaving soon, though.

christine said...

didn't you love when tyra pulled off the kangaroo head and held onto her weave like it was about to blow her cover?
anyhoo. dionne is my fave but my fave always gets kicked of right when i decide they're my fave (see mollie sue, and that one girl who posed as whistler's mother in the 'art' shoot) so cross your fingers tonight. i know i will.