Thursday, April 05, 2007

Top 8!

It shouldn't have been Gina! I was not only completely stunned and caught off guard by this, but i was also pretty pissed about it. i don't want to say too much about how sanjaya is ruining this show and how obnoxious people that don't care about the show are helping him along, but seriously, it's sad for these kids that are actually trying to do something with their careers. Anyway, regardless of Sanjaya (because he's kind of just there, i don't think anyone really considers him a competitor), I definitely thought that Haley and Phil would both go before Gina. You can tell Haley thought it would be her, but she's underestimated the power of her A+ getaway sticks and Jessica Rabbit-ly powers of seduction. And I guess Phil is backed not only by the military voting crowd, but also the horror movie fans. I loved during Gina's sing-off (which was one of the better singing whilst crying moments) when they do an extended shot of sanjaya looking like the guiltiest motherfucker in the world. yeah. take that! i hope your soul is ruined. i can't believe my girl is gone! i knew she wasn't gonna win, but c'mon now. at least sanjaya hasn't broken into the top three yet--which we now know (and kind of always did know) consists of Melinda, LaKisha, and Jordin.

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