Thursday, April 26, 2007

SRC: Double Cop-Out and a Bonus Edition!


A clip show that I didn't even bother to watch more than 17 seconds of. Bummer.


I can't believe they made me sit through TWO FUCKING HOURS of performances and tearjerking videos and really AWKWARD moments and so much anticlimactic teasing...the most shocking duet they've been promising? Celine Dion and a digital Elvis. WHAT?!?! (good thing it was one of my favorite songs) the most shocking elimination in idol's history that they teased all episode -- NOBODY!! They said they absolutely COULDN'T kick anyone off on a charity episode! They made me sit through two hours of corporate shilling and poking my heart until i teared up (yes, i admit it, i did) for NOTHING. and after getting my hopes up by pretending that Jordin was getting the boot?! For shame, idol. for shame!


It seems as though there will be a season 2, and i will definitely do my best to add it to reality corner. For this season, I never saw a full episode...only the last half hour for maybe the last four or five weeks, but i was immediately rooting for chelsea -- maybe because she was the prettiest, maybe because she was the only one whose name i knew. (though for a few weeks i knew her only as "bangs"...imagine my surprise when i catch an older episode on mtv at the gym this weekend and find out that she didn't always have them. my mind was blown.) Anyway, she placed third. I guess a lack of great dancing skillz is a detriment when it comes to the pussycat dolls. so then it came down to other girls (for a while i thought the ones that weren't chelsea were all melissa) that i knew nothing about. and the girl that i didn't want to win because of the stupid way she taps the mic with her fingers whilst she sings took the prize and got to perform with the Dolls. I thought she looked silly. maybe because she's a child compared to the other Dolls. maybe because i don't think she's that pretty. ah well. next season i'll get more invested.


ricky said...

i was fooled by the recap show, at first, but they actually had some "never seen before" footage that was pretty worth it.

re:idol, i knew that was gonna happen when lakeesha was in

re:skank: this show is so amazing for so many reasons, but i was rooting for chelsea as top ho-to-be, also

Becca said...

i also watched some of the recap show, however i was dying my hair so i wasn't paying very close attention.

i did watch the final of pussycat dolls though. but i took a nyquil early on in the show so i passed out during the judges deliberation only to wake up to see asia win. and honestly, even though i liked chelsea - it could have never been b/c even though she was adorable and could sing well, she just couldn't dance. so i guess i put my stamp of approval on asia.