Sunday, April 15, 2007


Previously: Sarah FINALLY went home. Everyone told Renee why they hate her.

Whitney's all "I'm gonna rock this week." I'm all "No. You're not."

1) Everyone is convinced Renee has changed, but Dionne is still unsure.
2) Brittany is such a whiner, she gets de-weaved. What will she complain about now?
3) There is an acting challenge with Tia Mowry and Vote for Pedro and Whitney's all "I'm gonna win this." and I'm all "No. You're not."
4) Renee wins the challenge and chooses Dionne to share the prize with. Dionne internally raises a suspicious brow because she doesn't buy it. They think they win teeny tshirts, but it turns out the real prize is a visit from their families/babies.
5) Renee keeps giving her husband closed mouth kisses. Like he's her grandpa.
6) The first thing that comes to Dionne's head when she sees her family is "What the fuck is wrong with my baby's hair?!" Reason #2178 why I love Dionne. Reason #2179 - her potty mouth. #2180 - her mother was shot and paralyzed whilst trying to turn some turd's life around and she says this as though it's no big deal.
7) I was with Natasha until she said "Somebody decided that I don't miss my baby as much as the others." --- unfair of her to say. I understand she was upset but...she made it seem like they did that purposely to hurt her. If Renee picked Jaslene to share the prize, then Dionne also wouldn't have gotten to see her baby.

PHOTO SHOOT - Reenacting famous moments from previous cycles with past contestants.

JASLENE - BRE - GRANOLA BARS - Jaslene is so excited about meeting/shooting with makes me love her more.
NATASHA - MICHELLE - FLESH EATING BACTERIA - Michelle looks great and Natasha killed it.
WHITTELLE - SHANNON - NUDE SHOOT - Whittelle laughs at Jay's cycle 1 look. Whitney's all "Oh, I'm gonna rock this." And I'm all "No. You're just not."
JAEL - REBECCA - FAINTING - I heart Jael even more after she responded to seeing the clip of Rebecca fainting at panel with "Woah. She rules." This was not her best shoot though.
BRITTANY - MICHELLE, AMANDA - NOT SURE WHAT THIS 'ISSUE' WAS - Ugh. I admit it. It's a good picture. However, my roommate noticed that the twins were pixellated and Brittany was photoshopped to look more prominent.
RENEE - JOANIE! - DENTIST- Joanie!!!! Joanie!!!!! Hooray for Joanie!!! Joanie steals this shoot. because she rules.
DIONNE - KIM - GIRL ON GIRL ACTION - Dionne is kind of homophobic about this which I was unprepared for. but once she got over it, she rocked the shoot and actually *wink wink* enjoyed herself.

8) There's a lot of weird voiceovers added in post regarding the comicbook style of the shoot...and they never show the pictures in the screen...which leads me to believe that they weren't looking at the same final product in panel as we were on our picture they had the whole comic idea way later. weird.
9) This week they told Renee to be not so ugly, but last week they told her to ugly it up. How are the girls supposed to know what they are doing with the CONSTANT contradictions? oh what do i care. i love a batch of confused girls.
10) It comes down to Whitney and Jael. Whitney knows the second that she's one of the final two that she's going home. Whitney says in her exit interview that she honestly didn't think she'd be eliminated today. I say she should've asked me about it last week.

I think Jael and Brittany will go in the next couple weeks. What does everyone else think?


ricky said...

Really? Brittney? I'm not ahuge fan of hers, but she has killed in almost every photo.

Sara said...

umm, she's annoying and that's grounds for dismissal. and i would say she's only killed in one and a half photos. one of those being the aforementioned photoshopped one. also, even though they de-squirreled her, she still don't know how to do her hair.