Monday, April 09, 2007

my favorite old man

i went to see grindhouse this weekend (so effing awesome. mostly planet terror, but i still appreciated it as a whole) with my roommate and as we were waiting for the flick to start, my roommate pointed out an old man sitting all by his lonesome a few rows diagonally down from us. he was wearing a little beanie and wolfing down popcorn. my roommate and i were discussing the types of people that go to movies alone, and that they are either really sweet souls or complete assholes. just judging by the looks of this guy, we assumed he was of the asshole variety, but my roommate made a note that we should keep checking up on him throughout the film to see his reaction. before the film started, he left -- we assumed it was to get more popcorn since he'd already finished his first batch, but when he came back empty-handed, we realized he was probably also empty-bladdered. anyway, i first realized i loved this man when he removed his hat by grasping the tip and gently tugging it off his head. Our true love blossomed for this 60-something year old gent when we noticed that he was absolutely LOVING this movie. Throughout the three and some hours, he alternated between these two expressions:

Oh man, he was GREAT!!! i really like to think that this movie took him back.

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