Monday, April 16, 2007


FINALLY, everyone!!! After many, many (ok, four) runner-up prizes, I have finally taken the gold in The Gilded Moose's weekly Prove Your Wit captioning contest. Three cheers!! I don't mean to brag or the way that i actually do mean to brag...because this road to the top has not been easy. I'd like to thank Fellowship member and personal brother, Ricky, for introducing me to The Gilded Moose. I'd like to thank my partner in crime/business/life/tennis doubles, Becca, for always being so supportive in my efforts. I'd like to thank my mom for doing my taxes "one last year" for the third year in a row. And of course, many thanks to The Gilded Moose for shining a light on a small mexican girl from a small sunny island. And how could I forget to thank Jordan Knight, my #1 crush ages 6 through 10.

Check out the post here!!!

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Becca said...

you are my hero!

ricky said...

Did the Gilded Moose fish Penelope Cruz out of a well? I hate when I miss the news.

But besides that -- congrats.

Pico de Gallo said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Well earned. 'Bout damned time.

Maggie said...

FINALLY! One of our childhood dreams comes true! How'd the microphone taste??? ;o)

Love it!