Monday, April 09, 2007

Please don't make the same mistake I did

As a public service I decided that we should begin compiling a list of inappropriate baby names.

Here you have the initial list:

Hanibal (the kid is a cannibal)
Lester (molester)
Adolf (not a good idea, particularly if your child has a tiny moustache)
Mario & Luigi (ok by themselves, but inappropriate for twins)
Chucky (your kid is a possessed doll on a killing spree)
Caligula (your child is a depraved roman emperor)
Satan (unless your child is a rottweiler)
Lassie (my child is the mental equivalent of smart dog)
Mr. Ed (actually, I’d give major credit to someone who names their kid Mr. Ed)
Jabba (thanks sara, duh becca)
Becca (wait…..)

Additions to this list are welcome!

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