Thursday, April 12, 2007

SRC: Top 7! r.i.p. white girls

For some unknown reason the results shows are now an hour long. Idol better fucking give back, I think I've given them at least 178 hours of my life this season alone. Bottom 3 are Phil, Haley, and Chris. Thankfully, Phil's streak of being saved is over and Chris gets sent back to the seats. It's hilarious because this entire hour long episode, Haley KNEW she was going home. Phil is creepy and does what creepy guys do which is lurk around for longer than they are wanted. Hopefully he's out next week. My fake hatred for Sanjaya is turning into real hatred because he's talking a lot more now than he used to and he's just exposing himself as THE biggest dweeb on the planet. and apparently he's taking straight lessons from the ryan seacrest school of overexaggerating/fabricating a fondness for women, because neither of them convince me. I was also thinking last night how I'm most comfortable with ryan seacrest as an asexual person. because i really don't buy him with women. and he's so uncomfortable about publicly liking men, you can't really see him in that light. I like to think he can just grow mini-seacrests out of his side. a little army of seacrests.
umm, yeah. that's all. akon performed and it was nothing special. j.lo performed and it was 'passionate'. i really don't want to hear anyone else say that jordin is genuine because she's so false with the camera and her eyebrow lifting and it's all a show and i don't buy for one second that she's genuine.

not one gosh durn second.


ricky said...

i love to make fun of j.lo (or she back to jennifer lopez now?) as much as the next joe, but did anyone else think last night's performance a little bit...amazing??

Sara said...

there was definitely something amazing going on

Nosella said...

nosella nosington!!