Wednesday, April 04, 2007

SRC: Top 9 Performances - Classics

Guest Mentor: Tony Bennett

BLAKE - i think he does great with this song. he did what chris daughtry refused to do and sang a song in the style it was written instead of making the song be the style that suits him.

NOSPHILATU - creepy. has a creepy old man crush on tony. he is so sweaty after the judges comments. i hate how defensive and needy he is.

MELINDA - face! face! in her clip she starts to cry and somewhere a baby bunny dies because it is so sad. but then i got rhythm came along and melinda was all "shazam!" and the bun bun came back to life.

-I think if ryan seacrest ever did a woman, it would be Melinda Doolittle. and he'd be really awkward about it.

CHRIS R - Oh. hooray. we can just call him chris. cutie.

JORDIN - oh everyone loves little jordin sparks. well guess what? i don't! yeah, i said it.

GINA - i heart this gina glocksen character

SANJAYA - i wish this clown weren't taking up a spot. i bet he plays d & d. and he wears a cape to the meetings. oh and after simon tries a new tactic and says "incredible!", Sanjaya quite nerdily shouts "WELCOME TO THE SANJAYA UNIVERSE!"

HALEY - Ryan asks her if its scary to wait for the judges responses and she only talks about simon. as though he were the only judge. I think haley might be turning into jessica rabbit. the judges are kind of rude about how she's all va va voom. haley is pissed about it.

LAKISHA - Ruan seems to have been attacked by a small man prior to introducing LaKisha. LaKisha has weird head gestures. Anyway, excellent as always.

My guess for the bottom 3 this week is Sanjaya, Phil and Haley.

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christine, on a comment kick, eh? said...

i don't watch this show but i double dare you to shout, "WELCOME TO THE SMARTINEZ UNIVERSE!" anytime anyone issues you a compliment for the rest of your life.

that being said, you're purty.

extreme puzzle level!