Wednesday, April 18, 2007

SRC: Top 7 Performances!

Country Night -- Martina McBride

I don't think I've ever known what Martina McBride looks like...

NOSPHILATU - McBride's got the shifty eyes. like she's wondering where her garlic necklace is.

JORDIN - Jordin TOWERS over Martina like an Amazon. Fittingly, she's wearing what I believe is Wonder Woman's prom dress.

SANJAYA - is getting cocky. i think the end might be nigh.

SIMON - FINALLY says something about the whole sanjaya/debacle prank. i think it's hilarious that sanjaya seems genuinely shocked when he gets bad feedback from simon and when simon says that he's as bad as the first round of idol. IT'S FUCKING TRUE SANJAYA. stop kidding yourself. ryan stirs some shit. simon disses him in an adorable way.

LAKISHA - I think Martina is in love with Lakisha. I totally agreed with the judges tonight tho.

CHRIS - I'm pretty sure Martina took her pants off for Chris. Cutie.

MELINDA - Melinda got her hair did. and it looks goooooood.

BLAKE - everyone's hero. the only guy with a chance.

bottom 3 guess: chris, sanjaya, and phil. it makes my heart heavy to say that it might be chris. how many lives do vampires have, anyway???

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ricky said...

i've always pictured martina mcbride as martina navratilova. i was wrong, obvs.

p.s., melinda or blake ftw!