Monday, June 02, 2008

cooler than stupid fashion corner

i can't really articulate my reason why, but these shoes kind of make me want to barf.

i think it has something to do with my hatred of feet (particularly the bottoms of feet).

that's it.


Ricky said...

i own three pairs of these. they're my fave shoes ever. how dare you.

also, patricia arquette is my fave actrix.

Sara said...

to ricky - bwahahahahah!!

to becca - i am 100% with you. barfy and slightly appalling. i feel like those are the kind of shoes gorillas would wear.

Becca said...

ricky - are you one of those people that also enjoys wearing toe socks and flip flops? that was all the rage cica 1999.

sara - dude. they do look like gorilla shoes. i want someone to buy a pair for a gorilla. (as a donation to a zoo of choice).

Tom said...

Amazing design!! Those five finger shoes looks much comfy and flexible.

Sara said...

bwhaahahhahah! wrong crowd, bot, wrong crowd