Thursday, April 24, 2008

unfortunate handicapped signage

not too long ago cooler than stupid favorite, the fail blog, posted these two not so helpful handicapped signs.
which led me on a trek across the internet to bring back to you, this cornucopia of misguided handicapped signage.

this is for people who use flying wheelchairs.
from beaker's brain.

for people in wheelchairs who intend to park their cars, but not get out.
from phoenix

hmmm. i wonder how many times someone pulled up to this gas station in a wheelchair asking for a fill up to warrant it's own sign?
from neatorama

xgames - extreme downhill wheelchair
from brenternet

this has to be some sort of anachronism
from bock's car

and last but not least.....

as if sailing down a steep slope in a wheelchair weren't scary enough.......
from the null device


Sara said...

oh mhy god this was TOTAALY WORTH THE WAIT.

and i'm nto just saying that cuz i'm drunk


hot wheels said...

i lost my left pinkie finger in an unfortunate slope/alligator/wheelchair combo. please don't make light of these situations.