Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sara Q. Edison

inventions have been flying into this old noggin recently with such frequency, I decided that i would share a few here so we can all work together to put out these great products. but if any of yous try to steal and take credit, i'll gut you like a fish. with a knife that i probably invented.

#1 - cylinder keys. This came to me when i first started dealing with my ceiling hole issue (i haven't been neglecting you guys of updates, the hole is still completely there. the leak has been fixed though, so at least it doesn't cry every day). i was frustrated that my super wouldn't work after hours or on weekends, but nervous about leaving my apartment unlocked for him to be able to come in. a round of thinking eventually led me to think it would be much more effective if everyone had little electronic cylinders (similar to these cremation keepsake keychains) that could be programmed to work with every lock you need. that way, you only carry one around. and you can control who has access to your lock...so say you need a friend to feed your hamster while you're off sailing the high seas...you allow their cylinder access to your lock and it's easy peasy! no worrying about copying keys and getting them to said friend. no more wanting to just put money and your phone in your pocket so you don't have to carry a bag, but then realize you do have to carry a bag to lug around your 10 pound keychain. i'm telling you, it's genius.

#2 - syncable digital wall calendar. i don't have a pda or any other sort of electronic planner and honestly i think it would be useless if i did have one. i've tried so hard to keep all my calendars all together and up to date. i've tried using my phone calendar, my ipod calendar, ical, my entourage calendar at work, and i just can't remember to keep them all updated. you know which calendar that is always completely up to date with all my past, present, and future activities? my wall calendar. any time i get work, make plans, go to the gym, or need to add a birthday, i just go up and write it in. so this is what i propose - a digital wall calendar that i can write everything in. this calendar works as the master calendar and has bluetooth capabilities so i can just sync it up with my phone, ipod, computer, etc, manually (or set it to automatically update, whatevs) without having to remind myself to keep all my calendars up to date. i'm telling you, it's genius.

3# - Museoke. Karaoke, but instead of drunkenly singing the lyrics to the karaoke backing track, you hear the lyrics and you have to mimic the sounds of the music. this would work better if i could give an auditory example, but basically if i picked the song "devil went down to georgia" (which i do, often), then instead of telling the tale of johnny v the devil through talkified talky country-rappin singey-singin', i would sing the part of the fiddle, as well as any other instruments. get into it, it's genius!

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