Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Props to MimiCoco

I just first want to say that i'm shuddering and seizing in order to bring you this post. seriously, i'm spazzing out the whole time i'm writing this -- you'll see why in a second, but i just wanted to let everyone know what i go through in order to bring you these golden nuggets every day.

So i'm flipping through my shiny google reader and I click to Best Week Ever, and there is a post written by michelle collins entitled LATE BREAKING THOUGHT: Lobsters are Terrifying. Go ahead and read it and come back because we all need to be on the same page.

So, as many of you know, I don't eat seafood. but when it comes to shellfish, the kind i'm most tempted to try because of everyone's urgings of how delicious it is (specifically lobster and shrimp), there is actually one more thing that is holding me back, and michelle collins wrote a post about it. like, thank god i can now be open about it. I don't ever want to be in a room where a lobster has been let loose. Shrimp, to me, are just the cockroaches of the sea. *shudder*. ugh. i can't...okay, i'm going to power through this. like, go back to that best week ever post i linked up there and look at how that gigantic alien shelled creature is about to EAT HER SOUL.

oh my geez...okay. so, reading that post prompted me to write this post. and how better could i drive the point home, than to also share here something i came across on icanhascheezburger? problem was, i couldn't remember what these creatures were called and at the time, couldn't remember where i'd seen these things. so i tried googling 'creepy shellfish'. what i was looking for did not come up in this search, but this hideous monstrosity did. please note that i am posting the links here and not the actual pictures because i can not handle having to look at these pictures every time i come to this blog...which is a lot.

after passing out at the sight of that poster of my nightmares, i got up and remembered that i had seen the picture of what i was looking for fairly recently on cheezburger, so i'd just search from about page five until i found them (page 16)... hell's cockroaches. please, do not ever put me in a room with one of those. please.

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