Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Irrational Fears

i have a lot of irrational fears and complexes -- like how i think that people don't remember who i am (i think i've actually discovered the root to this one) or how you can just say the word ghost to me and i'll walk around my apartment with all my lights on going 'I know you're theeeere, don't talk to meeee', but one that i think takes the cake is the feeling that i will perish in a freak accident. i'm always fascinated by these whenever i read about them -- a rollercoaster accident, a unique decapitation. I feel like, because i am so enthralled by these, it would only make sense that that's how i'll go. this is probably why i survived a mere car accident caused by black ice...too NORMAL!

needless to say, whenever i am near power tools (as much as i love playing with them), i have this fear that i somehow will be afflicted by some weird catastrophe...even if i'm not the one handling the power tools. ESPECIALLY if i'm not the one handling the power tools.

i was heading to work yesterday and there were a couple of burly men using a cylinder saw on the actual sidewalk concrete. First thought that went through my head? "That must be some blade, cutting through that cement..." Second thought? "That blade is going to fly off the saw, boomerang through the air, and slice my neck."

does anyone else have irrational fears??


Ricky said...

this is the funniest fucking post.

anyway, i'm sure i'll think of one, but for now let me leave one of my favorites, which is actually joselyn's irrational fear:

getting HIT and KILLED by a submarine while deep sea diving.


Sara said...

bwahahahhahaha! that is so awesomely random!!