Thursday, April 03, 2008

Little Miss Landmine

Thanks to my google reader that i love (pimp pimp pimp), i am more up to date on actual news items than i used to be. One time there was a tornado in Brooklyn and my dad called to see if i had been affected and i was all 'tornado?' I mean, sometimes I watch the news. I usually catch a little in the morning, but if i've got a packed dvr that i'm trying to empty, then the news loses out. that's what the internetz are for anyway, right?


Go ahead and click on that link and then come on back. I'll wait...


Umm, okay, i know that that probably isn't supposed to be funny, but it is. Of course the whole losing a limb/hundreds of deaths by leftover landmines is not funny at all. And it's definitely a good way to boost the self esteem of these unfortunate victims, but like, calling it Miss Landmine? You are just asking me to laugh. and i will answer with a hardy har har.

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Becca said...

this makes me so sad!!!