Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Jazzy Joint Post

Whilst brainstorming ways I can avoid getting on crutches for my latest injury, Becca suggested that I get myself a Jazzy, if just for the comedic image of a young, healthy-looking person riding around on a jazzy. (She also suggested that I attempt to get out of the Jazzy when people are giving me dirty looks, but then fall to the ground as though my legs don't work.) I thought this was a rather good suggestion (for all the aforementioned reasons) and I started researching my Jazzy options. That's when i came across this double-wide bad boy, which I fondly call the Jazzy Deluxe (or the Jazzy Royale):

jazzy deluxe

650 LBS!!!!! As Becca so eloquently put it, it "gives the gift of mobility to people who are completely immobile. Because they ate themselves into oblivion."


Becca said...

i think you'll look fly in an xxl jazzy if i do say so myself.

all the cool kids are doing it and when i mean cool kids, i mean just you.

Anonymous said...

So what you're telling me is that I can eat and eat and eat, and I get rewarded with a rockin ass motor chair and the ability to get handicapped privlidges without the irritation of an actual disability? This is almost motivation to become obese.

christine. said...

i think if you're going to get a mobility device, you should get one that can flip you a little upside down and leave you there outside of some dorm somewhere.

Sara said...

ahahhahaha! right! SO RIGHT!