Thursday, April 03, 2008

SRC: ANTM - The Honeymoon is Over

We begin with with Whitney stating her confidence in a plus size model taking the competition. uh oh. kiss of death? plus size week? it seems my initial thought of claire being given the late-blooming bitch edit was correct and they are trying to make us dislike her. maybe to make something at the end of the episode a little easier?

WOAH!! Lauren is crazy! oh my god. she's like an abusive husband to fatima. how come we haven't seen this side of her before?!

go sees are in 2 groups of four. team 1 consists of whitney, claire, stacey ann, and dominique (dra-ma!!) and team 2 has lauren, katarzyna, anya, and fatima. they are told that most models can't afford cabs, so they must walk. no subways?? it's $7.50 for an all day fun pass. aren't go-sees usually when they've gone international? go see stuff happens. it seems like they are cutting it for claire and lauren to be in the bottom this week.

whitney gets all pissed at pamella roland because she doesn't use plus size models, she only uses 2s. (i can't even visualize ever fitting into a size two.) what she doesn't get to see is pamella also hatin' on fats for being way too skinny. (amen)

ugh. shoket! don't you have a magazine to run? sheesh. team 1 wins with stacey ann booking the most jobs (out of three?). here's why i'm not onboard with stacey ann..besides the fact that she's not great....she already won! when she was danielle and she was a thousand times better! the four of them get to do a spread in 17.

the girls meet jay for their photo shoot. he does weird toasted marshmallow performance art with a treadmill. this photoshoot should actually be pretty's shot from below and is totally a huge plug for the off-broadway show fuerzabruta. which i cannot hate on because the creators of fuerzabruta also did a show called de la guarda that i saw when i was in college and was maybe one of the more awesome things i've seen in my life. there will be no hair and makeup for this shoot. basically the girls are spazzing around in a puddle on a plastic sheet while the camera shoots from under them.

CLAIRE - tries to fall into it and like, whiplashes her head. takes a minute, comes back and doesn't do great.
(Saleisha needs to chill with the curly bob hair)
DOMINIQUE - does really well
LAUREN - has a hard time
ANYA - knocks it out again
KATARZYNA - gets a hottt haircut. cries about it but accepts it pretty quickly. katarzyna has usurped the number one spot in my heart.
WHITNEY - whitney seems to do really well.
STACEY ANN - stacey ann does not.
FATIMA - oh look, it's a stick in a puddle.

dominique takes us to commercial by saying to katarzyna (who doesn't seem to know she's in this conversation) that the person who didn't nail the shoot [we see shots of stacey ann, lauren, and claire...subtle] is going home. foreboding!!

haha. tyra's version of this week's shoot looks like she took it this morning in her shower.

uh, claire might be in trouble for real. stacey ann does ok but could've been better. paulina gives an awkard eastern european-themed backhanded compliment to katarzyna that is met with awkward dead silence until katarzyna, bless her heart, politely thanks her. whitney looks like a fetus. but a fashion fetus. tyra was way impressed with her film. dominique has a good picture, but looks a hot tranny mess in person. nigel later says she looked crazy and i laughed out loud. because she really did. and the shot that clever editor decided to go back to to emphasize nigel's point was genius. i'm laughing out loud again just thinking about it. lauren's got a cool picture, but not necessarily great for this competish. fatima's pic is good. anya has another awesome picture. what do you think about anya accidentally falling into these poses, now nigel? huh? isn't that another way of saying raw talent anyway?

wow -- claire's covergirl of the week reign is over. i'll admit she kind of lost me last week and i'm all about katarzyna now. so is america...she is the new (and only 2nd this cycle) covergirl of the week. nice!

fatima is called first, then anya and katarzyna. everyone else until we're left with claire and lauren. lauren is safe, claire goes home. wow. the quickest fall from the top ever, but we knew it was coming when we were told to start hating her last week. still..i'm a little surprised. ah well, go katarzyna!!

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