Thursday, April 17, 2008

SRC: ANTM - Po' Paulie's Follies

Previously: Claire fell from the top. 7 bitches remain. I'll tell you right now two people that need to go: Stacey Ann and Fatima.

Dominique gets excited for the overseas trip she knows is coming. She notes that she's excited for this because she can't wait to see what their grocery list will be like. Fatima is nervous because she lost her travel documents (she's not a US Citizen). She is worried she'll get kicked out of the competition because she can't go overseas.

Paulina shows up at the abode to talk about showcasing yourself. She plays a game with the girls where she's the owner of a cosmetics company throwing a party and each girl has to impress her. She will play the role of Mrs. Dubois...Allison Dubois?? Paulina is actually pretty funny. I'm warming up to her. I'm creating a backstory for her where she runs her own improv group in her free time. They are called Po' Paulie's Follies. She also practices interviewing the girls.

The bitches decide to make potato pancakes and Lauren cuts her thumb off. What? Nail? Thumbnail? Oh that's different.

Fats talks to ANTM's producers and they tell her that the consulate feels this is too last minute. (for real, couldn't she have started this process when she, you know, lost her travel documents in the first place?) Fatima says she hopes things will work out for her because now "it don't look so good". I'll tell you what else don't look so good -- Fatima. Seriously, this shouldn't matter. She's not that good.

The girls are invited to some 7up guy's party. Katarzyna rightly deduces that they'll have to incorporate Paulina's lessons in this challenge. Whitney again brings up the added challenge of being plus size. She says she's working her ass off. slow down, whit, you don't want to go the way of Sarah, the last plus size girl that was gonna finally win it for the fatties.

I must say, Anya is a different girl than i originally thought she was. dominique gets the designer's name wrong. there are such random people at this party. This judging is edited hilariously. they show the judges praise anya, then trash dominique, lauren, and stacey ann. gee, i wonder who is gonna win. (anya, for those who weren't with me there.) uh, why does anya keep winning challenges where she has to pose naked? anya's totally gonna win this cycle. she also, awesomely, gets paid $10,000 for her day's work.

back at the house, more overseas woes. fats hopes for a miracle. i swear to god if fatima survives this week and this is the week they go international, and tyra makes some big show about how her father's a senator and she pulled strings to get fats her docs, i will be very annoyed. or, even better, if they don't even go overseas at all, i will laugh and laugh.

tyra mail - something about packing bags and then too much screaming. i bet this is a trick. it dawns on fats that if they're leaving now, she doesn't have her docs (had you forgotten?). haha, it is a trick. the bags are props for their shoot. they stayed up all night packing and now have to do a shoot on zero sleep. hah. the shoot is a group photo and they will rotate so they all have a featured position. then all their best shots will be composited into one supershot. fats frets that she can't be at the shoot and at her 9am consulate meeting.

fats gets her documents four hours later and wastes time jumping for joy. get back to your group shoot! 2 hours later (they have to be off the tarmac at 3pm), at 3pm, fatima returns. the shoot is over. wah wah. Surprise! guess why they had to be off the tarmac at 3? because that's when they head into a hangar straight into a surprise panel for an elimination. tyra wonders where fatima is. wuh oh. fatima comes in late and must've shit her pants walking into this. tyra scolds fatima, but then makes it worthwhile for everyone's troubles by announcing that after panel, they will get on a plane and go abroad. Mr. jay is this week's guest judge. katarzyna does well, lauren does really well, dominique's is cute, tyra references one of my girl joanie's past shoots (yeah joanie!), stacey ann is meh, whitney produces a good pic, but gets some personality criticism and Anya steals the show. lauren wins covergirl of the week.

anya is called first, followed by lauren, dominique, katarzyna and whitney. this leaves stacey ann and fatima in the bottom two. my wish came true! fatima has no photo to judge and stacey ann sucks. they decide fatima's body of work is better than stacey ann's, so stacey ann gets the boot. at least fatima's troubles weren't all for naught. bye stacey ann!

oh yeah, and there's this thing where tyra flaunts that her and the judges fly first class and in a private jet, but the models fly commercial. okay, but WHERE ARE THEY GOING?!?!??!

Rome! awesome. i wanna go.

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