Saturday, January 05, 2008

Highlights of Wee Hour Programming

First of all, Happy New Year!! Let's all be Great in '08. And for those of you that will celebrate the Chinese New Year in a few weeks, I hope your Year of the Rat is a prosperous one.

Down to business, I was flipping through some late night tv last night on the television in the room where I spent my formative digital cable there, just a tv plugged into the wall that gets hawaii basic cable (regular channels plus your cartoon network, lifetime, various nickelodeons, spike, etc. a nice mix, but nothing fancy) and i flip past a channel that would've made me do a spit take had i been drinking water at the time. whence i backtracked to the channel, my initial sighting was confirmed. there were two ladies in their mid to late 20's hawking a variety of dildos and vibrators in a qvc-like manner. the one lady who was clearly in charge (i'm sure the type to wear a strap-on whenever possible) did all the descriptions in a quick and impressive manner, while her sidekick would interject every now and again how much she enjoyed particular products. she was a big fan of the jackrabbit series.

how much do you think i just upped cooler than stupids' traffic by including the words "vibrator" "dildo" and "strap-on" in that post and then typing them again in this sentence and again in the post labels?

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