Wednesday, January 30, 2008

WRC: Crowned Finale: O.M.Jesus!

umm, so i know i'm the only person who watches this stupid fucking show, (i can't look away! please help me) but this finale is just too much for words. i'm watching by myself and giving shocked looks all around my living room, just hoping someone will appear and tell me that this is real. The top four teams are competing in a pageant finale tonight...for the opening number, all teams (including those booted) came together and did a sassy dance/lip synch mom v. daughter of 'anything you can do i can do better'. guys. it was crazy. and then they had the first competition of the evening--swimsuit. one of the moms (the one who is visibly the oldest and also visibly the one who's had the most work done) was wearing a bikini as skimpy as her hellion of a daughter and that's when i clawed my eyes out. i'll come back after the next segment. think of this as a pseudo-live blog...because i don't have a laptop, so i have to run back and forth...

okay i'm back. we had the results of the swimsuit competition announced and the talent competition occured. my least favorite team (of two of the most horrible women ...the aforementioned bikini mom) got last place. haha! then one of the moms (the one who had a kidney transplant, a knee injury, and who cries at every possible moment) feels faint and slowly sinks down to her knees. surprise surprise. this segment wasn't as shocking as the first because the teams all did the same talent we were shown a few weeks ago. the big difference being my least favorite team screwing up big time (it really is sweet revenge watching them crash and burn). be back after the third segment...

nothing major happened during the evening gown competition. however, we did find out that all the losing teams that came back and were in the opening number have to stand on stage like duds for the entire pageant. they don't even have any light on them!!

oh geez. so we come back from commercial to hear the results after the evening gown competition. they start with the team that scored the highest, then name second place...then one of the cabana boys (all dressed up in a tux) brings out the desashing scissors as the has-been host proclaims an ambush desashing. amazing. and i think this was supposed to be suspenseful, but judging by how poorly that redheaded bastard team was doing, it came as a surprise to no one when their sashes were cut. during their exit interview, we saw old lady underboob through her sheer evening gown. ugh. fake underboob too. shudder.

ok soo....while i was typing up that last section, my dvr unpaused because it started recording something and wasn't done recording the other thing. so i don't know how the interview portion went...i don't really care though. i hated the redheaded team and as long as they didn't win i was happy. what is unfortunate though, is that i'm sure i missed a hell of a closing number.

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