Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tales of Wooing

Welcome back to another installment in our new "Tales of Wooing" series, where we share notable and innovative ways in which city men have cast their lures upon us. I had a shoot today, and my first duty of the day was to pick up the rental van so i could collect folks and shuttle them to set. I got in a cab at 5:30 this morning (yipes) and headed over to good ol' courier to collect my vehicle. After the fellow in front of me finished up his business, I approached the counter and told courier window man that i was picking up a 15 passenger van (yeah ricky, i DO drive vans for a living. i know you judge me for it.) and gave him the po #. as he was filling out the paperwork, he walkied to his man downstairs to let him know what i needed so they could get it ready.

COURIER WINDOW MAN: Yeah, i need a 15 pass.
VAN RETRIEVER: you got it.
CWM: A nice 15 pass.
VR: ok
CWM: A nice-looking 15 pass. With lots of gas. *smiles at me*
VR: ok.

pretty good. it's kind of like i have men all over town taking me out to dinner and giving me nice cars. but actually more like getting a free large soda and the promise of chips and giving me a rental van that has all rearview mirrors intact. and like, a bumper.

the best part, i think, happened after i bid adieu to the window man. i headed downstairs to find my chariot for the day, and i meet van retriever man face to face. he smiles at me and says "He wants us to get you a nice-looking van because he thinks you're nice-looking." thank you, sir, for spelling that out.


Ricky said...
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Ricky said...

A nice-looking pass?
With plenty of gas?
For the girl with the sass?
In hopes of some ass??

what is this?? dr. seuss meets carrie bradshaw???

Sara said...

nhns. side note- when i was typing this post up, my fingers kept accidentally automatically typing "piece of ass" instead of "15 pass"

Becca said...

with lots of gas! hahahah

work it girl.