Sunday, January 06, 2008

updates galore and more!

hi friends, sorry for the lack of posts on my part for the past couple weeks!

i was on a family field trip to the untapped wilderness of wyoming (except for by yuppie tourists). actually, it appears that the national park service has very consciously kept yellowstone national park wifi free, because instead of seeing the sights,talking to one another and playing dominos (not quite sure why there were so many people there playing dominos), people would probably just be parked in front of their laptops in the lodge. luckily yellowstone DOES indeed have a bar - which is where my ass was parked through most of our stay. we were plagued with completely unfunny travel/airplane woes throughout the trip, but since this is a comedy blog - i won't go into it in great detail....oh fuck it i'm going to talk about it years eve was spent (unexpectedly) at an airport hotel in the chicago o'hare vicinity.......we also got to have a very short (also unexpected) driving tour of the icy roads of the salt lake city/rural wyoming area (so rural in fact that at some points there were actually zero radio stations).

in other not so recent news (this happened about a month ago), sara and i were once again extras in a short film.....and once again it was through my pal jen. we didn't get to dance in this one, but we did get to drink fake booze (apple juice and gatorade)! sara actually got to walk through a shot (this is a BIG deal people) and i stood in the way background blocking the shadow of a christmas tree. my part could have easily been played by a coat or possibly a tarp, but i'm glad they gave me a chance to shine.

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Sara said...

i felt your pain when you were talking about icy roads in wyoming. no really, i did...that's where and why i was in that big car accident five years ago. thanks for the reminder.