Saturday, January 26, 2008

CTS Signs of Aging Volume 2

You know you're getting old and crotchety when you turn on the newest season of The Gauntlet on mtv and you only recognize four (maaaybe 5) of the contestants...and two of those are Beth and Coral. (seriously, is this all Beth Stolarcyzk has been doing with her life? She's in all of these challenges!) Seeing all these people I absolutely do not recognize (and most that i'm older than...allow me a minute to cry about this) got me they even show Road Rules anymore? So I checked out the straight facts on wikipedia (because you know that info is some reliable shit) and it's there I learned that there apparently was a road rules in 2007 but before that there hadn't been one since 2004. Where are they getting all these contestants from?! I don't really watch real world anymore, but i usually at least see enough to recognize faces. When was there a Real World Austin??? What the hell is Fresh Meat?? who are all these whippersnappers? i need to take a nap.

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