Thursday, January 31, 2008

Stupid Bucharest

Ugh! Everything's the worst! I logged into my bank account today to see if last week's paycheck had gone in yet and i noticed my balance was much lower than i remembered it being four days ago. as i clicked to see further details, i noticed that once a day, for the last three days, someone withdrew about 600 bucks from my bank account (600 x 3 =!!!!). I felt so violated! And worst of all, based on the brief transaction info, it looked like i got ripped off by a foreigner!! damn them! so i get on the phone with my bank and they assure me that everything will be back to normal after their investigation, but it appears that somebody made a clone of my card and is having fun withdrawing money from fucking BUCHAREST. AAARGH!! thank god i was permanently injured in that car wreck five years ago and i'll still be able to cover my rent when the fucking check i just sent out clears. ARJGHRERJGHRJE!! :(

does anyone else have fun bank fraud/identity theft stories?

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