Monday, January 07, 2008

Breaking Taylor Hicks News

We here at Cooler than Stupid know that we're your first stop when it comes to the latest news about Taylor Hicks, and today is no exception. According to the website of the only magazine i subscribe to,, Taylor Hicks has been dropped from his label, J Records. I guess they finally caught on to what I said the day after he was crowned 2006's American Idol. A refresher:

"America then realizes that voting for someone because he's quirky, dances funny, has gray hair, and shouts "soul patrol!" excessively enough to make some people think he has a very peculiar type of tourette's is really only fun when you can watch the dude. Which you can't really do with a cd. America then shrugs." (Martinez, 2006)


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Anonymous said...

I can't say I'm surprised. J records apparently felt that Taylor would be unable to break out of his niche, and that his type of music was a tough sell in today's musical climate. They cut their losses, and Taylor is probably better off without the restrictions.