Tuesday, January 29, 2008

WRC: American Idol 7

Did anybody watch tonight's (tuesday) episode of American Idol from Nebraska?...because Paula was like, a 9 on the waste-o-meter. She showed up late to the auditions and ryan told us it was because her plane was late. i call bullshit for several reasons. i think they couldn't get her out of the coma she was in on time....it's like they roused her and then just pushed her into the room. she could barely keep her head up! at one point she presented her butt to randy. and at the end she leapt up and screamed "TOUCHDOWN!!!!". also, she's paula abdul. anyway, i thought it was pretty hilarious because we haven't seen Very Wasted Paula in a long time, so it was a nice trip down memory lane. the only thing that came close to being that good during the rest of the episode was when one golden-ticketed contestant was descending the escalator with her parents behind her...she says to the camera: "I can't wait to go to Hollywood and prove Simon wrong because I'm gonna be America's Next Top Model!!!!" (mom cracks up behind her)

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