Monday, January 07, 2008

Questions: The Somethingth-somethingth Annual Golden Globes

According to this article, presenters and nominated actors for this Sunday's Golden Globes are refusing to cross the picket lines. This leaves me with a couple of questions.

1 - Will the presenters most likely keep their gift bags newayz?
2 - What will the actual televised show be like, since the GG's have also stopped using a host? Will it just be a shot of a lone golden globe award, sitting on the stage behind a microphone for three hours (interrupted only by the Best Reality TV award of there even one of those at the Golden Globes?)?
3 - Will the show still probably run long? (yes)
4 - Will the writers on the planned picket lines at least be dressed up so we can have SOME gowns to talk about?
5 - Can i go onstage and accept a golden globe for someone?
6 - Can we please stop giving awards to Medium's Patricia Arquette? I mean, seriously, love the show, but her snaggletoothed acting is certainly something that counts against it.
7 - Do you think those actors and actresses that might get a first-time award this year will be really really sad about not being able to publicly thank the world and Jesus for their tremendous success?

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